THANK YOU for your support!

Theater becomes less accessible every year due to either a lack of affordability or lack of representation. A Collective Artists was founded to address these two issues. As we know too well, making Theater is expensive.

We are determined to keep production costs low so we can pay our actors and production team while selling tickets at a reasonable price so audiences have access. To realize this goal, we rely on the support of our partners and patrons.

For a recurring weekly donation that is the cost of a latte at your coffee shop or a one time donation, you are supporting independent theater that is dedicated to the community and producing works that are reflective of the world in which we live. A donation supports playwrights, new works, or reinventing classics for the modern world, all the while creating theater that is accessible. A donation makes you a patron of the arts in New York City and beyond.

All donations are secure through PayPal. You may set up a recurring monthly donation for any amount you choose, or as a one-time donation. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and debit cards. You can also do a direct bank draft from a checking or savings account, if preferred. If you would like to donate by check or money order, you can mail it to: 1 West Street, Suite 3201, New York, NY 10004

All donations made to A Collective Artists are tax deductible as allowed by law. A Collective Artists is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3).